Cover Your Lansing Business With 200+ Years of Combined Experience

Cover Your Lansing Business With 200+ Years of Combined Experience


Prior to 2012, Jack and James, previously worked for a combined 60 years at another local flat roofing company. When the company shut down, Jack and James used their experience, knowledge, and customer relation skills to start a business.

With the help of superintendent James Price and office manager Patty Tucker, Spartan Commercial Roofing was founded in 2012 by Jack and Joanne Morrow. The business grew to become one of Lansing's and surrounding areas premier low sloped and flat roof specialists.

November 2016, Jack passed away. Leaving James, Patty, and Joane to continue Jack's legacy by serving their customers with professionalism and running the company.

In the fall of 2021, James asked Joane to sell him the business. In the spring of 2022, James purchased Spartan Commercial Roofing. To keep the business family owned and operated, James brought his son Matt back to the company to become Spartan Commercial Roofing's superintendent. Having 200+ years of combined experience, Spartan Commercial Roofing prides itself with being knowledgeable in the industry of low sloped and flat roof installation, repairs, maintenance, and new construction. This allows the company's employees to provide proper drainage and R-Value for any building project. Spartan Commercial Roofing is the best choice when you want quality materials, unmatched craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Our General Contractor Clients Include:

D.L. Kesler and Sons Construction

Dobie Construction

Sam Eyde Management

Corr Commercial Real Estate